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Dudap Is An All Around Popular & Well Liked Guy. He Is The CEO/Founder Of Several Businesses & Franchises, Including Many Car Lots, Retail Stores, Electronic Stores & Own Lots Of Land All Over The World. He Enjoys Sports, Wearing Jewelry, Spending Money & Is A Funny Flashy Type Of Guy. He Really Enjoys Keeping Up With The Latest Fashion & Trends. Singing, Dancing & Making Money Are Three Of His Favorites Hobbies, Amongst His Many Talent & Hobbies.

Starla – Is Very Glamorous & Friendly. She Is Well Respected & Is Admired By Many. She Is Very Wealthy & Is The CEO/Founder of Several High End Car Dealerships, A Chain Of Top Quality Retail & Diamond Jewelry Stores, And Owns Much Land & Properties Of Many Luxury Homes All Over The World, Just To Name A Few of Her Many Accomplishments. She Enjoys Sports, Shopping & Wearing Large Diamonds. Her Favorite Hobbies Are Singing, Dancing, Reading & Skating. She Is Known for Her Many Talents, Generosity, And Is Always Willing To Help Others.

Have You Ever Imagined Having Financial Freedom, Being Able To Purchase Whatever You Need, Want & Whatever Your Heart Desire? Is Excelling In Education, Striving For Excellent Health By Eating Healthy Meals With A Flexible Workout Schedule? Being An Entrepreneur, An Actor, An Athlete, A Motivational Speaker or Entertaining The World By Being A Professional Entertainer Or An Influencer And Financially Invest Into The Market Place Aspiring To Obtain Wealth? With All That Also Able To Inspire Others World Wide! That's What We Rich Birds Are All About!