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Rich Birds Kidz


By Rich Birds World

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This series and series to come of Learning books are designed to assist any child in developing readiness skills in their age level and grade. They are a great source for the stages of life that sets and supports the acquisition of foundational skills that every toddler & youth needs to be successful in school, Home or everyday life! It gives the child practice and opportunities that are needed to become a confident learner and writer at a young age.

Snippet About The Author & Publisher



Mershon Star’Wheeler known as Star’Wheeler was born in Atlanta Georgia, raised in College Park & developed Entrepreneurship & Growth in Clayton County Georgia is a Mother, Author, Publisher, Producer, Director and CEO of several businesses. Her passion is helping those in need, building kingdom leaders, and inspiring all to be the best that they can be in life. Her first educational workbook geared towards kids at the ages of 3 years old plus, is called “Rich Birds Kidz” A Tracing New Beginners Workbook, that aid in developing readiness skills in Tracing & Writing & Learning Letters, Tracing & Writing & Learning Numbers, Tracing & Drawing & Learning Lines, Learning Colors, Site pictures, Site words and Writing & Learning their name during their early learning years. She has more Learning books for the appropriate age level that aids in Math, Spelling, Reading, Crossword Puzzles and more. In addition to learning & educational, she is in the mist of publishing books of Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, Life skills, Fashion & Wealth, Law of Attraction and other.

Her publications are now in the works of being translated into several languages and is soon to appear in many states & countries nation wide to help spread her message. Her mission is to energize the spirit, motivate, educate, and empower all that she comes into contact with, regardless of age, gender or race, to become valuable citizens within society to secure a brighter future. She wants to be recognized and respected as an inspirational leading force, by improving the quality of life nation wide by being dedicated to helping youth, teens, young adults, single parents and families of all nationalities emotionally, physically, spiritually, and educationally, with guidance support through her programs, publications and social media platforms. She is on a mission & has a vision that won’t allow her to stop at anything!

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Some  of   Her  Very Own Favorite Quotes

"Education & Learning Is A Key To Success"
"Building Kingdom Leaders To Build A Brighter World"
"Secure Your Knowledge To Secure Your Future"
"Great Health, Education, Knowledge, Spirituality & Wealth Is Definitely The Right Path To Power"

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Rich Birds Kidz Learning Books are available at a special quantity discount rate for bulk purchase, for sales promotions, fund raising or educational purposes. For Details on a tax write off through a 501(c)(3) non profit organization or more info, please email

Rich Birds Kidz

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