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Rich Birds World will sponsor a youth nonprofit organization “Little Faces Going Places, Inc” from the Beginning of January 2022 year till the end of November 2022. At the end of the year, Rich Birds World believes in changing not only the world one Rich Bird at a time, but changing the world by giving back and helping those in need. With donations we believe that together we share the same belief and commitment of investing in the future of our young future leaders and aim to support their Mission Statement: “To Educate & Empower our youth, teens and their families of all nationalities throughout the nation, to become valuable citizens within society to secure a brighter future.” With that being said, we are giving a donated percentage of each of our sales to this organization for the holidays of year 2022. As you know, nearing the holidays that seems to approach fastly each year, November (Thanksgiving), December (Christmas) & December 31st (New Year's Eve), surveys have shown that these months have been the most depressing for many families that are in need of much support. Many have lost jobs and love ones throughout the year. Many will be saddened by missing their love ones dearly during the holiday period. Times like these can cause many of all ages & nationalities to go into a state of depressing in life. Being in need of a love one, food, shelter, clothes, gifts & a token of love can make one’s life unbearable. With just a bit of support, we believe it can indeed make their life more bearable. Sometimes in life, just a little can mean a lot in someone's else life. As the holiday season approaches, we always look for ways to take a little extra step in sharing what we can that will benefit others. We're so thankful for our support team, the donations from others and happy to have the opportunity to donate to this organization.


Plans are already underway for Rich Birds World to support several other charitable causes, schools & individuals in the 2023 Year! To learn more about “Little Faces Going Places, Inc”. please visit


*You can also donate to this organization without a purchase of Rich Birds World items by using a Debit Card, Major Credit Card, Money Account or PayPal Account at their PayPal (email address)  


      By Mail:       

                         *You can send a form of a check, certified funds, and postal money order mailed to:

                                   Little Faces Going Places, Inc., P.O. Box 960233, Riverdale, Georgia 30296

   (Please make check or certified funds payable to Little Faces Going Places, Inc.)


We feel that our commitment and support to this organization is an invaluable resource to the youth, their families, and communities that they assist.


Little Faces Going Places, Inc. is a Non Profit organization 501(c)3 entity, and all percentage donations or full donations without a purchase are tax-deductible within the limits of the law. (You will receive a tax-deductible form & tax Id number for your 2022 end of the year’s taxes once your payment is clear)


We “Rich Birds World” Thank You For Your Support Through Your Purchase, Or Any Donation That You Provide Directly To “Little Faces Going Places, Inc”.



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